Membership with HomeGrid Forum

Member of the HomeGrid Forum dataMate is a proud member of the…

Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance

dataMate is proud to be a member of the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance

Network X 2023

dataMate® has partnered with the HomeGrid Forum to showcase our exciting line of solutions for broadband access during this year's Network X event.

The Features of the DPU

Our distribution point unit (DPU) was developed in 2017 to deliver fiber-like speeds over existing phone line. We’ve prepared a short video to highlight some of the many features of our DPU.

Our In-House Advantage

With the help of our model shop and 3D printing capabilities, dataMate’s engineers are able to design faster, test more quickly, and manufacture better products all under one roof.

The Copper Experts

dataMate is often referred to as "The Copper Experts." Learn how our innovation earned us that unique industry distinction.

10BASE-T to 10BASE-T1L Media Converter Adapter

Migrate your existing 10BASE-T switch to take advantage of single pair Ethernet connectivity, including power for remote devices, using one of the Methode dataMate DM7980-series 10BASE-T1L media adapters for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new switch. Your bridge to single-pair Ethernet!

dataMate’s 10BASE-T1L SFP+ Module

dataMate® is proud to introduce its newest Small Form Pluggable transceiver, the DM7055 – 10BASE-T1L SFP+ Module.

Setting Up the Euro-DPU

We recently introduced our newest GPON fiber link extender, the Euro-DPU. Today we would like to show you how easy it is to set this up and configure it to your needs.

Introducing the Euro-DPU

dataMate® is proud to present its newest GPON fiber link extender, the Euro-DPU. It’s fully-configurable with data rates over 1Gbs on 100m of phone line twisted pair.

Bandwidth for Everyone

dataMate®, a business of Methode Electronics, Inc. - a global developer of custom engineered and application specific products and solutions - announced the release of the Ultra-Low Power 10G copper small form pluggable (SFP+) transceiver module.

Innovative New Solution Options for Broadband Service Providers

dataMate® has adapted and leveraged its experience in gigabit communications gained over the course of 30 years in the data center to give broadband service providers innovative new solution options for service delivery over existing copper infrastructure.