10BASE-T to 10BASE-T1L Media Converter Adapter

Migrate your existing 10BASE-T switch to take advantage of single pair Ethernet connectivity, including power for remote devices, using one of the Methode dataMate DM7980-series 10BASE-T1L media adapters for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new switch. Your bridge to single-pair Ethernet!

PoE media adapter is a Type-2 PoE to SPoE converter enabling the PoE to simultaneously send 10Mbps data while providing up to 19 Watts of power to powered device over single pair cable.

Adapter empowers SPoE-PSE channel to interact with SPoE-PD through SCCP for power classification. Adapter admits the power from either PoE or external Aux channel depending on the variant. On board temperature sensor to screen the module temperature and control the power consumption. Flyback topology between PD and PSE offers 1.5kV isolation.

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